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Medmarc Claims Management Defending and Supporting Innovation - We Exist To Protect You

Legal Claims Management

Claims Defense Philosophy

We will vigorously defend you and your product. We seek a successful resolution to all matters by responding appropriately to each case. A successful outcome may range from an early settlement to a full trial. We require that our defense counsel work together with you and the claims examiner to define what a successful resolution is for each specific matter and work efficiently to reach that resolution.

Legal Claims Expertise

Our legal claims professionals are specialists, who exclusively manage medical device technology and life sciences products liability claims.

Superior Legal Defense Services

We chose the members of our national panel of defense attorneys to represent you because of their proven successes in defending third-party liability suits brought against medical technology and life sciences companies.

Legal Claims Resources

We offer an array of claims and risk management materials related to the litigation process, from the filing of the lawsuit through resolution of your claim. Medmarc has a vast collection of resources on topics relevant to life sciences companies available on our News and Resources section.

Streamlined Reporting

If you experience a claim, we make it easy for you to report it. You can do so by email at or by mail, telephone or fax.