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Medmarc Risk Management Mitigating Risk - We Exist To Protect You

Mitigating Risk

Medical Device Insurance Risk Management

Risk Management Services

Medmarc provides medical device products liability risk management and FDA compliance consulting services. We are committed to helping medical technology and life sciences companies enhance their operations, create safe products, and reduce products liability risk.

For our current policyholders, our services are complimentary or available at a discounted rate, depending on the company's specific needs. 

Risk Evaluation

Understanding your products liability risk profile is an important step towards preventing products liability claims. By performing a risk evaluation, we can identify the factors unique to your operations and products that create potential exposures and recommend solutions to prevent or mitigate them.

Employee Training

Our training courses address the products liability risks most relevant to life sciences companies as well as the strategies most effective for minimizing them. Courses are taught by industry professionals and include data collected in Medmarc’s 40-plus years of defending life sciences companies against products liability claims.

Risk Management Expertise

We use the expertise of attorneys, engineers, and regulatory compliance specialists to bring a multidisciplinary approach to providing risk management solutions. Because of Medmarc’s singular focus on life sciences companies and products, our risk management professionals specialize in the products liability risks unique to this industry.

Risk Management Resources

Designed to help you identify and prevent products liability exposures, our publications, webinars, and industry-specific resources are available to you on our News and Resources section.