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Medmarc Insurance Solutions Insuring Medical Device and Life Science Companies We Insure Medical Innovation

Insuring Medical Device and
Life Sciences Companies

Life Sciences & Medical Device Insurance

Your choice of Medmarc means that you benefit from our customized, comprehensive life science and medical device insurance programs that provide tailored risk management services, claims expertise, and the insurance coverage needed during the critical start-up stage through commercialization and success.

Insurance Coverage for Medical Products

We provide customized insurance products and risk management solutions for medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals throughout their lifecycles—whether the products are in clinical trials or being sold internationally.

Expert Underwriting for Medical Products

Our underwriters are specialists in the pharmaceutical & medical device products liability risks you might face. Because of our singular focus, we are widely regarded as among the industry experts in structuring the coverage you need and want.

Effective Risk Management for Medical Products

Our medical products liability risk management services help you prevent or minimize the cost of a potential claim, offering support for your medical product insurnace needs.

Quality Claims Management

If you do experience a claim, our expert claims management team will protect your legal interests. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your life science insurance, and our team, provides the necessary support in such situations.

About Medmarc

Medmarc is the leading expert in the products liability risks facing medical technology and life sciences companies, providing specialized medical device insurance, life sciences insurance, and medical product insurance.

Medical Industry Insurance Specialists

Medical technology and product manufacturers and companies are vulnerable to a variety of product liability risks that are unique to the medical industry. We understand these risks and specialize in providing medical product insurance and risk management solutions designed to respond to the industry's particular needs, including medical device insurance and other life sciences insurance.