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Life Sciences Claims 2022: Redefining Normalcy

In this year’s annual year-end wrap-up, a panel including Andy Hall and Lauren Hulbert with Medmarc’s claims department, as well as Jennifer Heis, an attorney with Ulmer Berne, will provide a claims and litigation year-end up wrap-up. The panel will provide an interactive presentation that includes topics like: 

  • Current economic trends in the life science industry and their impact on claims and litigation;  
  • Social inflation and other factors impacting jury verdicts and settlements;
  • Significant decisions and jury verdicts; and
  • Recent developments in key mass torts and what might be on the horizon.

Videos mentioned in presentation:
One-minute Challenge: Augmented Reality - The Medical Futurist:
What Is Big Data In 60 Seconds: 

Jennifer Heis, Partner, Ulmer & Berne LLP

Andy Hall, Senior Claims Examiner, Medmarc

Lauren Hulbert, Senior Claims Examiner, Medmarc

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Life Sciences Claims 2022: Redefining Normalcy