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Life Sciences Claims 2023: Making sense of an evolving landscape

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In this year’s annual year-end wrap-up, a panel including Andy Hall and Lauren Hulbert with Medmarc’s claims department, as well as Katie Stricklin, an attorney with Walsworth WFBM, LLP, will provide a claims and litigation year-end up wrap-up. The panel will provide an interactive presentation that includes topics like: 

  • Litigation funding’s increasing importance on mass torts and litigation;  
  • How critical juror attitudes about product safety are leading to social inflation;
  • Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on personal jurisdiction and their impact on where lawsuits are filed;
  • Significant decisions and jury verdicts; and
  • Recent developments at the FDA.

Presenters: Andy Hall, Lauren Hulbert & Katie Stricklin 


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