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Mitigating Cyber Risks in Digital Medical Devices: An Introduction

Digital medical devices employ some form of computing hardware and/or software. However, this technology can carry complex and very costly cyber risks that arise during product development and after commercialization.

This webinar will help digital device manufacturers better:

  • Mitigate premarket cyber risks from regulatory approval failures, clinical trial impediments, and design flaws;
  • Drive revenue by persuading customers and partners that their devices are cybersecure;
  • Reduce postmarket cybersecurity costs from vulnerabilities, reporting, and recalls; and

Manage cyber-attacks and PHI data breaches to limit legal liability and regulatory fines.


Elliot Turrini was a federal cybercrime prosecutor, cyberlaw/privacy attorney in private practice, and tech company general counsel. He is a cyber risk mitigation expert who founded and runs Practical Cyber, a cyber risk mitigation firm with a medical device specialty. He was a co-editor and author of the book Cybercrimes: A Multidisciplinary Analysis.

Gerard Nussbaum, CPA, JD, is an experienced strategic advisor and healthcare executive, provides strategic advice and leadership to assist healthcare entities (both provider organizations and suppliers) to address their digital health challenges, define and execute their strategic vision, assure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and to actively drive organizational success.  Gerard continues to support and work with leading device manufacturers, academic medical centers/health sciences campuses, children’s hospitals, health systems, startups, and health industry vendors.


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Mitigating Cyber Risks in Digital Medical Devices: An Introduction