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The mRNA/Lipid Nanoparticle Competitive and Litigation Landscape

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused tragedy for millions of families worldwide, it has also spurred concomitant advancements in health care, not the least of which include the first-ever regulatory approvals of therapies based on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology granted to Moderna and BioNTech (in collaboration with Pfizer). At the dawn of this new era in therapeutics, companies operating in this space are eager to develop and commercialize new mRNA-based drugs, but are also faced with the significant challenge of navigating an exceedingly complex IP, competitive, and litigation landscape. This webinar will provide a detailed survey of the current patent and patent litigation landscape for mRNA and lipid nanoparticle delivery technologies, as well as provide analytical frameworks for companies that operate in this space to utilize when navigating these complicated issues.


Dan Shores

Dan Shores is a Partner at Rothwell Figg and a founder of its Boston, Massachusetts office. He has an extensive background in IP law in the biotech space over the course of his 18-year career including in matters relating to small molecules, biosimilars, RNA, lipid nanoparticle, and oligonucleotide technologies. Dan is passionate about helping his clients build robust patent portfolios, litigate matters (both as plaintiffs and defendants in the U.S. District Courts and in IPR and other post-grant proceedings), protect trade secrets, negotiate strategic collaborations, conduct due diligence and landscape investigations, and prepare for success in funding rounds and exits. Dan is a problem-solver who excels at deciphering key translational aspects of a broad array of technologies to maximize leverage in the context of clients’ desired implementation of such technologies whether as participants in dynamic markets or as first movers. He is a registered patent attorney licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is a member of the bars of the Supreme Court of the United States, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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2023-09-27 The mRNA and Lipid Nanoparticle Competitive and Litigation Landscape