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Best Practice to Navigate FDA Enforcement Actions

Are you prepared to respond if you are the subject of an FDA enforcement action? Do you know what types of FDA enforcement actions exist? If your business is manufacturing, repackaging, relabeling, and/or importing medical devices into the U.S. and you want to learn best practices to navigate potential FDA enforcement actions this webinar is for you. 

In this session Jen Diaz with Diaz trade Law covers:

00:00 - Intro About the Speaker Jennifer (Jen) Diaz President and Founder of Diaz Trade Law
01:16 - Disclaimer/Agenda
06:45 - The Primary Enforcement Actions Used by the FDA.
15:17 - How to Successfully Navigate FDA Enforcement Actions.
36:07 - How to Use ITACS when Communicating with the FDA.
47:16 - Actions to Take When Your Company Receives an FDA Enforcement Action
55:27 - How to Use FDA’s Databases to Perform Due Diligence
55:55 - Closing

Presenter: Jennifer Diaz


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