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Employee Training

Training for Employees

Employees of medical technology and life sciences companies are frequently unfamiliar with basic products liability concepts and are not aware of the potential products liability risks that can arise from the performance of day-to-day job functions. Training employees to recognize and respond appropriately to potential products liability exposures can be an effective risk management tool.

Popular Programs

We offer a variety of programs intended to address the products liability concerns most important to life sciences firms. Our most popular programs include:

  • Writing Defensively. Employees sometimes inadvertently create products liability risks when they create documents. This course teaches participants to recognize the type of written information that plaintiffs find useful and avoid creating documents that can be damaging.
  • Sales Reps in the OR. Sales representatives (“sales reps”) provide physicians with critical information about the product. However, there are significant products liability risks associated with sales reps who enter clinical settings, such as operating rooms. This course teaches sales reps to recognize and mitigate products liability risks associated with clinical settings.
  • Preventing Off-Label Promotion. Companies typically neglect to educate their employees about the products liability consequences of off-label promotion. This course explains the relationship between off-label promotion and products liability and helps employees recognize off-label practices and avoid engaging in them. 

Other Popular Courses

Additionally, we have programs that address:

  • Products Liability 101
  • Contracting for Non-Lawyers
  • Developing Warnings & Instructions to Reduce Products Liability Risks and Communicate Effectively

Customized Programs

We recognize that a company’s training requirements are determined by its product line, operational structure, and products liability claims history or potential. For this reason, we can customize our existing curriculums to address your company’s unique training needs.

Contact your broker or our Risk Management Department to schedule training.