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Products Policy Highlights

Safeguard Your Business

Medmarc’s products liability coverage form is designed to meet the needs of medical technology and life sciences companies and provides coverage features that will safeguard your balance sheet and reputation.

Products Coverage

Products-completed operations liability coverage is tailored to your business. We cover a vast array of medical devices, in vitro diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. Our policy does not contain a boilerplate exclusion for certain products, diseases, or outcomes. Each account is underwritten individually.

Clinical Trial Coverage

Clinical trial coverage is automatically included under our policy, unless a foreign government authority mandates that coverage be written on local, admitted paper. We do not require notification or need to grant permission for coverage to be affixed to new trials begun during the policy period.

$10 Million Limits. 

We offer limits from $1 million to $10 million.

Flexible Deductibles.

We align your deductible and policy limits with your product exposure and financial capabilities

Aggregated Deductibles.

Your deductible is aggregated, so that your maximum deductible costs are known at policy inception.

First-Dollar Claims Management.

When you report claims to us, you immediately receive our claims management services and gain access to specialized defense attorneys—you do not have to wait for legal and other claims-related expenses to consume your deductible.You also do not have to work with a third-party claims administrator—Medmarc staff manages every claim in house.

Extended Reporting Periods. 

A basic extended reporting period for claims related to bodily injury or property damage is automatically provided without an additional charge and lasts for:

  • Six years for claims arising from occurrences reported to us not later than 90 days after the end of the policy period; and
  • Ninety days for claims arising from occurrences not previously reported to us.
  • An optional extended reporting period up to six years for claims arising from occurrences not previously reported to us can be purchased for an additional charge.