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Life Sciences Errors and Omissions Policy Highlights

Plan for the Unexpected

Medmarc’s E&O Liability policy for economic injury is tailored to the life sciences industry and covers the wide range of activities medical technology and pharmaceutical companies perform. Our policy protects you when your negligent error or omission results in economic injury to your customer, including covering costs associated with the loss of use of data or a recall. Medmarc covers virtually all companies functioning in the supply chain—from companies conducting clinical trials and doing design work to those with commercialized products and sales in both the drug and device industries.

  • Up to $10.0 Million Limits Available. We offer limits of up to $10 million, subject to a deductible that is tailored to your business needs.
  • Flexible/Aggregated Deductibles. We align your deductible and policy limits and work with you to establish the appropriate level of self-retained risk based on your E&O exposure and financial capabilities. We can tailor your deductible on a per occurrence basis and establish an appropriate deductible aggregate, so that your maximum deductible costs are known at policy inception.
  • Worldwide Coverage. Coverage extends to claims brought anywhere in the world—including lawsuits brought outside the United States subject to trade or other economic sanctions or embargos by the U.S.
  • Claims Made and Reported. Medmarc’s form is claims made and reported. Claims made during the policy period should be reported as soon reasonably possible during the policy period but not later than 90 days after the end of the policy period to secure coverage.
  • Coverage Preservation Through Potential Claim Reporting. Reporting of wrongful acts that occurred during the policy period preserves coverage, even if the resulting claim does not materialize until after the expiration of the policy. The reporting of incidents also triggers our duty to defend, providing you early access to Medmarc’s superior claims management services.
  • Extended Discovery Periods. A Basic Extended Discovery period is automatically provided without an additional charge. We allow reporting of claims up to 90 days after the policy expiration to preserve coverage for claims made against you during the policy period. We also offer a Supplemental Discovery Period of up to six years for an additional premium, which is set forth in the policy.
  • First-Dollar Claims Management. When you report a claim to us, you immediately receive our claims management services and gain access to our experienced claims professionals and specialized defense attorneys—you do not need to handle claims on your own and wait for legal and other claims-related expenses to consume your deductible before we step in.
  • Straight-Forward Policy Language. Medmarc’s user-friendly form is short, uses industry-specific terms and provides straight-forward coverage of the risks you encounter most frequently.