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Products Coverage Features

Tailored to the Industry

Medmarc’s products liability coverage form is tailored specifically to meet the needs of medical technology and life sciences companies like yours.

Worldwide Coverage

We cover your products and your work around the world, and we will defend you wherever a claim is brought, subject to trade or other economic sanctions or embargos by the U.S.

Additional Insured Coverage

We provide coverage for a wide spectrum of organizations and people with which you work, including:

  • Vendors
  • Scientific Advisory Boards or Data Safety Monitoring Committees
  • Sales Representatives, Service Technicians, and Product Training & Support
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Clinical Research Coordinators, Monitors or Investigators
  • Institutional Review Boards or Medical Ethics Committees
  • Independent Engineers or Consultants
  • Medical Staff Members

Coverage for Medical Products Sales and Service Personnel

Your field, sales, and service representatives who provide technical expertise, product training, and sales support in connection with the sale, loan, lease, or delivery of your products are insured. Your medical staff members are insured for liability arising from their providing or failing to provide supervisory or instructional services.

Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired or Formed Organizations

Within the first 90 days, all acquisitions or newly-formed companies of which you maintain ownership or a majority interest, other than partnerships, joint ventures or limited liability companies, are automatically covered as insureds for the first 90 days after you acquired or formed them, provided that there is no similar insurance available to them.

Known or Foreseeable Side Effects

Coverage is included for bodily injury arising out of side effects of or adverse reactions to your product.

Terrorist Events

Coverage provided pursuant to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) is automatically included in Medmarc’s policy.